About Us



There is a news at Best Wishes home: the 19 th of july 2007 my son Alessio is arrived.

I hope that growing up, he will love this wonderful world too.


I have always loved cats, since I was a child.

The first Persian cat came into my life when I was14 years old, my mother gave him to me to help me through a difficult situation , my parentís separation.

He was able to fill all of my senses of void and sadness because  he had a special character.

One sad day he left me but Chico, his name, brought me to want to know this wonderful breed better.

Some year later,  I decided to breed  my new
cats and then also show them.
In 2003 I went to my first Anfi show and
one of my cats was nominated for the best in the show.

Naturally it was not always like this but my passion for cats pushed me forwards to overcome difficult situations even if they were hard to deal with.

Best Wishes is a small  Persians cattery registered in Anfi (Fife) association and located in Tuscany, near Lucca exactly.

My cats live free in my house and they are an important part of my family.

They can play, run, jump and spend their life like all the other cats and in my opinion which is the way it should be.

It is impossible to prefer one from the other because everyone has a different but wonderful character.

My husband Stefano  and I always love taking care of them and their kittens. It is so exciting to help my females to give birth and hope , while we are waiting, that all will go well.

Watching all my kittens  grow up strong and healthy is a great joy and we love taking them up to their independence.


A special thanks to:


     My mother for my first Persian cat

     My husband Stefano for his patience  and   for following me for everything about cats.

     Antonio (Maradan cattery) for his wonderful cats and his precious  advice.

I love you all Ö.

Then  all friends that has helped me in thisbeautiful experience.

I hope you will enjoy yourself during your  visit on my web site.

Thank you.